How to root an android device 2022

How to root an android device. – Once rooting an Android phone was a very difficult thing but now rooting has become much easier. I will show you 03 ways to root the strategy. One of the three will show through the computer. and the other two will show how to root through your mobile in addition to the computer. All three methods are simple and very safe for the present time. You can root your favorite Android mobile via computer or mobile as per your requirement.
Those who do not have a computer or laptop will want to root with the help of mobile. And those who have a computer can root in any one of the three ways if they wish. Considering everyone’s needs, I have shared these methods with you. However, my advice is that those who have a computer must root through the computer. The reason is that it is the easiest and safest way to root through a single computer.
How to root an android device
How to root an android device

What is root?

This name has become so common that everyone calls it a straight line instead of a root user. Simply put, the key is the manager. Although its definition of Bengali is a tree root. in the world of Linux, root means permission that gives the user all the power.

What is root & how to root android?

The route is an administrative permit. With this permission, the user can do whatever he wants on the device. Administrators Using Windows operating system. can not work with system files without any problems. Similarly, on Linux, system management cannot be performed without root user permission. Anyone who can do whatever they want on a computer or server powered by Linux, or who has permission to do anything. is called a root user. Below I will explain how you can break it down.

What to do before rooting an Android phone?

You need to do some preparation before rooting your favorite Android mobile. That’s why I say! So follow the rules below before rooting your mobile without rushing. And then start rooting the mobile.
  1. If you don’t know the process well or don’t have experience, it is better not to root Android mobile. Lack of your experience may cause the phone’s operating system to crash. If the operating system crashes, it can no longer be fixed until the phone flashes.
  2. Charge a minimum of 50% before rooting the mobile. Because when the mobile is turned off while rooting. The phone may be bricked.
  3. Use the phone’s original data cable to root the computer.
  4. Check that the computer’s USB port is working properly. This is because if the cable is disconnected while rooting the phone. the phone’s operating system may crash.
  5. You must download and install the driver of your desired mobile on your PC.
  6. It is better to keep the necessary documents in the memory of your phone on an external memory card.

What is the difficulty of rooting the Android phone in the beginning?

5 Difficulties to root an Android phone.

  1. There will be no warranty if you root the phone. So before rooting, take this issue into your head. However, if the mobile is re-routed before being taken to the service center. The mobile company will not understand it. There are some risks in this case too.
  2. Mobile can brick while rooting the phone. Brick means you may lose the ability to work. In this case, if you flush, it will be fixed again.
  3. You will not receive updates on your mobile operating system after rooting. Because OTP will show an error message when updating.
  4. Your favorite mobile phone is likely to be infected with the virus. Because the rooted phone’s operating system is unlocked.
  5. If you root the mobile without understanding it, then the phone is likely to be damaged while rooting.
We know the difficulties of rooting the Android phone. Now let’s see what are the advantages of rooted mobile.

What are the benefits of rooting on Android phones?

8 benefits of rooting Android phones.

Method-1: Mobile speed and performance can be increased by rooting the Android phone.
Method-2: Android phone root mobile system app can be fully controlled. Any system app can be deleted if desired.
Method-3: Rooting an Android phone can speed up the phone by deleting unused. Or temporary files from the mobile using a variety of applications.
Method-4: If you need to increase the speed of the processor for a particular task by rooting the Android phone. it can be increased.
Method-5: It is possible to increase the battery backup by rooting the Android phone and keeping the unnecessary apps closed.
Method-6: The phone can be customized using a variety of custom modules by rooting the Android phone. The net makes it possible to enhance the external beauty of the phone.
Method-7: Custom fonts of your choice can be installed on the mobile by rooting the Android phone
Method-8: Any kind of crack, patch, and hacking script can be used on mobile by rooting Android phones.

Rules for rooting Android phones

As I said before, in today’s post we will show you the 3 rules of routing. You can follow the rules in a way that feels safe according to your needs. However, your phone can be easily rooted in 3 ways. Those who have a computer must root using the computer in the 1st method. Because it is completely safe i.e. there is no risk of brick or damage. I don’t see any rules to root the phone without any hassle like this.

The first method – The rules to root the Android phone via computer.

How to root android phone with pc

This way you can root any version of Android. You will be able to root it effortlessly till the latest Android-11.0 version. In the case of rooting the phone. you can find out the details of what kind of device this software is supporting from their official site. In this case, you can be sure that your device is on their list.

How to root android

Method-1: First, download and install Kingo Android Root software on your computer.
Method-2: Now connect your Android mobile phone to the computer via USB cable.
Method-3: Now, before rooting your phone. the software will install the necessary drivers for automatic rooting. However, this requires you to have an Internet connection with your computer.
Method-4: Now after showing the picture above, disconnect your mobile phone from the computer. After disconnecting for five seconds. reconnect the mobile to the computer with the USB cable.
Method-5: The image above will give you the option to turn on USB debugging on your mobile. If you can’t turn on the computer, you can follow the steps below.
Method-6: You need to turn on the developer options on your mobile and mark Enable USB Debugging. To do this you need to go to developer options from your mobile settings.
How to root an android device 2022
How to root an android device 2022
Method-7: Finally, if you click the Root button above, your mobile will start rooting.
Method-8: You have to wait until it is 100%. The main process can take 5/6 minutes to be 100%.
How to root an android device 2022
How to root an android device 2022
Method-9: To complete the route, a successful message will appear in the image shown above.
Method-10: Then restart your mobile. This is the end.

The second method – route via the mobile

How to root android phone without pc

For a long time. Kingo Root has been bringing the facility of rooting Android phones only through computers. Over the last 2/4 years, they have released the APK version of Kingo Root. As a result, from now on. those who do not have a computer will be able to easily root this Android mobile through this highly effective app.

How to root android phone

  1. First, download the Kingo Root app. Then install and launch the app, (mobile internet connection must be activated)
  2. The easiest and 100% safe way to root an Android phone!
  3. Click on the blue one-click root option and it will start rooting like the image below.
  4. You don’t have to do anything in this part. Just have to wait some time until the route. The success message shown below will show after completing the route.
  5. If you do that, the second method will be your mobile route.

আরও পড়ুনঃ ইংরেজিতে কথা বলার সহজ উপায়

How to unroot a rooted device

Method-1: Those who use Kingroot can unroot mobile from Kingroot> 1. General Settings> 2. Uninstall Kingroot> 3. Clear Root.
Method-2: After rooting the mobile. those who have SuperSU installed on their phone can unroot the mobile from the SuperSU. app using Settings. Full Unroot.
Method-3: There is an app called Universal Unroot. in Google Play Store for unrooting mobile. If you want, you can unroot the phone by installing the app from the Play Store. Once you have installed and opened this app, you will get the option to unroot the mobile. After confirming by clicking on the Unroot option. your Android phone will be unrooted shortly.
Ask for help: From now on your mobile rooted device. After restarting, you will see an app called SuperSU on your mobile. This is your root app/user. Hope everybody understands. However, if anyone has difficulty understanding or has any kind of problem. you can let us know by commenting. We will try to solve your problem.
Now a little different discussion Every day many people try to find on the internet, to root the Android phone.

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