The Fastest WordPress Theme

The Fastest WordPress Theme

If your site doesn’t load fast enough, your visitors may decide to leave without waiting to see your pages. Whether your goal is to gain customers or sales, every second counts. Using one of the fastest WordPress themes solves your low-speed problem. And helps to increase the effort.

The speed of your site is a big factor in creating a beautiful user experience. And can have a huge impact on your article. Because the speed of the website is not good, visitors will stop coming to your website.

Also, a fast-loading website is a must if you want to get a higher position on Google or a place on the first page.

There are many high-speed full WordPress themes. Which helps you achieve your goals. And your website can be brought to the first page in Google search engine.

Today through this article we told you about the ten fastest WordPress themes. Which will solve your problem. We tested ourselves with the same hosting providers and demo themes. These themes contain high-quality code. And it is compatible with any type of website. Then let’s go to the main discussion!

Top Ten fastest WordPress themes List

1. GeneratePress 99% A
2. Neve 99% A
3. Astra 99% A
4. OceanWP 97% A
5. Customify 98% A
6. X Theme 98% A
7. Blocksy 98% A
8. Zakra 98% A
9. Hestia 97% A
10. Mesmerize 98% A

1. GeneratePress

Generate Press prides itself on being lightweight and accessible. Its high coding value keeps it stable and secure. It is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, even before you start adding your content to improve your Google ranking.

This theme comes with advanced customization options. You’ll be able to change all the layout elements, install demo sites, and more. It is compatible with Element, which will enable you to change both the desktop and mobile versions of your website.

2. Neve

Our modern theme is very fast and easy to resource your server. Neve is also optimized for mobile devices, giving you an extra SEO boost. After all, you can install one of its predefined designs and start customizing it almost immediately without digging into the code.

Neve is compatible with all popular page builders. You can easily customize different elements of your website and see real-time changes as you edit. Overall, this theme is extremely flexible and user-friendly, which makes it a perfect solution for newbies or advanced users who want to work more efficiently.

3. Astra

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes. It eliminates jQuery dependencies and is optimized for performance, which often causes delays. This enables you to select individual modules to include in your site so that you can edit your content more efficiently.

This theme comes with a real-time customizer so you can reveal your creations right in front of your eyes. It integrates with popular page builders like Element and Beaver Builder. It is filled with a wide library of demos and numerous customizable elements, including title design options.

4. OceanWP

Like Astra, OceanWP lets you select individual modules to include on your site so you only have to edit the necessary elements. It’s compatible with popular page builders and comes with simple extensions to further enhance your site’s functionality.

You can start with one of the many unique OceanWP demos and layouts to quickly create your perfect design. WooCommerce integration is much better in this theme. This is an excellent lightweight option for online retailers. It is SEO-ready and fully responsive to boot.

5. Customify

As the name suggests, the primary focus of this theme is advanced customization. You can start with one of the many starter sites or demos and change it to suit your needs. Thanks to the dedicated creator of Customify you can even change the footer and header. Last but not least, it is compatible with Element.

Customife is fast, light, and highly responsive. Its SEO-friendly design will help you secure higher search engine rankings. Also, this theme is compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce and is easy to use.

6. X Theme

The X theme has stunning designs. Which attracts many users. Its drag and drop maker makes it easy to build your website without coding experience. It comes with a template manager, content block choices, and complete demos to further customize your website.

This theme consists of several premium plugins including Slider Revolution. This is a retina device-ready and fully responsive theme. Which will brighten up your content on any device. Last but not least, X supports WooCommerce, so it’s a powerful theme for any kind of business.

7. Blocksy

Blocky is another bright and versatile popular theme. You will be able to easily design your pages with the functionality of its drag-and-drop options. It is compatible with popular page builders like Element. You can customize the unique features of your website with numerous color and layout options.

Blockchain integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, making it a great theme for online stores. It is SEO-friendly and highly responsive, which will positively affect your conversion.

8. Zakra

Zakra is a versatile theme suitable for online stores. It has been optimized for speed, thus increasing your chances of conversion. It is fully responsive and AMP ready, so your website will look best on any device.

The developer provides multiple demos for this theme, including several e-commerce starter sites. It integrates well with the element and is adaptable. That’s why you can fully customize your content. Moreover, Zakra works seamlessly with WooCommerce. And it has SEO-friendly features. It has become an excellent choice theme for online retailers.

9. Hestia

Our final advice is Hestia, our slim one-page theme that uses material design principles. It boasts of simplicity while being extremely flexible. And its Live Customizer makes it a theme suitable for both new and advanced designers.

This theme works seamlessly with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi. Hestier Lightweight Structure is a great match for popular plugins like WooCommerce. Also, it is SEO-ready, so rest assured that search engines will like your site.

10. Mesmerize

Mesmerizing is another flexible theme. Which helps you to create a beautiful website. And lets builders create a unique website. It comes with various starter page and title designs, as well as a wide selection of customizable content blocks.

You can use this theme to maintain the fast loading speed of your website. You can also add modern effects like the video background to the website while maintaining speed.

Mesmerize beautifully designed and responsive. So you can rest assured that your website will look beautiful on mobile devices as well. It is compatible with WooCommerce and provides several eCommerce pages for starting an online store.


Themes that are full of high-quality images and effects can be heavy. High-quality images often require huge file sizes and lots of code for animations and effects, both of which slow down the performance of your page.

Simple themes with only the most essential features will be light in weight and help ensure that your site loads quickly. You can always add more design elements and effects using plugins or custom CSS.

Asynchronous or delayed loading of CSS and JavaScript
Although CSS and JavaScript files can slow down a website, each theme needs some of this code. CSS and JS make a web page beautiful and interactive.

There are two ways to load these scripts: synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronously means that the files are loaded one at a time, the order in which they are displayed on the web page, so if the browser encounters a script, it will stop loading other elements of the page until that script is fully loaded.

On the other hand, asynchronous loading enables you to load multiple files at the same time, which can speed up the performance of web pages.

Some themes are designed to load asynchronously, or loading of these scripts is suspended until necessary. These themes will be faster than synchronous loading by default.

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